Using IoT to Optimize Equipment Servicing


November 10th Webinar: Using IoT to Optimize Equipment Service

How IoT is Helping Companies Reduce Equipment Downtime and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Broken and down equipment can cost a company thousands of dollars a day in man hours, revenue and production.

Hitachi Solutions’ Equipment Servicing Solution uses IoT to provide complete insight into machine behavior and needs, alerting of machine issues that arise and require service attention.

Join us on Thursday, November 10th, at Noon PST/ 3:00pm EST for our webinar, Using IoT to Optimize Equipment Service, to see how the solution enables:

  • An at-risk machine to perform a self-diagnosis on an issue.
  • A machine to determine a resolution based on the problem and alert a human.
  • The machine to trigger a service request to a list of approved service providers.
  • An alert sent to the appropriate business manager informing them of the failure, and service next-steps.

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