Updated Release of Hitachi CRM for Professional Services

The Hitachi Solutions team is pleased to announce the latest update to our CRM for Professional Services package. This release confirms support for the latest published release of Dynamics CRM 2016, with an additional eye toward the Project Services functionality on the CRM 2016 Spring Update roadmap from Microsoft to ensure we align with that vision (which we do). Below is the detail around what’s included in the update.

Account Management

The purpose of the Account Management Module is to provide insights regarding the relationships with organizations and individuals. This includes details about active, pending, and historic efforts, as well as details about the organization (whether competitor, prospect, or client).

This latest release adds more to the Client/Prospect 360 view, including the ability to capture specific service providers who are doing other work within the organization. These other providers may be collaborators or competitors. Quickly add the type of work as well as a link to the service provider’s Account record, which provides two-direction reporting (customer-based or provider-based).

Example showing the service providers for the client Davenport Simulations

Business Development

The purpose of the Business Development Module is to identify potential opportunities and manage both short and long-cycle pursuits. This includes a 360 degree view of the aspects from identification and qualification, go/no-go decisions, and the coordination of key business development activities. The pursuit team leverages this information to collaborate internally as well as facilitate communication and manage key actions with the prospect or existing client.

This latest release includes more capability for routing approvals using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and notifications via email and on activity dashboards. Further definition of key individuals during the pursuit such as the Champion, proposed Project Manager, Sector Leaders, and other roles are all included in the approvals workflow and escalation. At the same time, we have added further capability around the automation of approvals via scoring leads based on their fit for the organization’s target market.