Updated Release: Hitachi CRM for Wealth Management

Hitachi Solutions has been packaging a collection of unique data models, industry KPIs, role-based solutions and products for specific industries and business workloads since the beginning of Dynamics CRM to create a successful solution for Wealth Management firms.

Hitachi CRM for Wealth Management gives you as an advisor or client service team member Client 360 including company, and investment data so you can use it to make the best decisions and increase your assets under management by finding and executing on new business opportunities building strong, trust-based relationships with existing clients.

Success in wealth management depends on great client relationships. To deliver the kind of highly personalized, deeply relevant services clients expect today, you need to fully understand their needs, their aspirations, and where they fit into your book of business.

Focus Areas

Having more client background on past interactions and investing tendencies centrally located within a front-office web-based client relationship management system, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enables you as a financial advisor to be more prepared for future opportunities to help clients meet their financial goals. Sometimes, you have adequate time to prepare and deliver an investment proposal or financial solution because a client review meeting is planned well in advance.

In other situations, though, you may receive an unexpected phone call from a client with multiple questions and concerns about market volatility or recent poor performance. In either case, you can rely on HCRM for Wealth Management to provide them with a real-time view of past and upcoming client activities across various touch points and channels.

All sales, marketing, and service interactions and communication history with a client or prospect can be captured and available for not just you, but all members of your support team. Additionally, you can even quickly pull up summary or detailed data on not only one family member, such as the head of household, but also the entire multi-generational family. The household relationship tracking features and flexibility make it easier for you to gather more assets and increase wallet share.


Figure 1 Performance Metrics Dashboard

Advisor and Client Relationship Module

Enables you and client service teams to more effectively understand and track relationships between households, contacts, and companies. The Advisor and Client Relationship Module gives your people a holistic view of client and investment data so they can deliver superior advisory services.

· Household management

· Portfolio management

· Contact management

· Roll-up reporting


Figure 2 Household Record

Client Service Module

Put customer data in context so you can resolve inquiries quickly and become a trusted advisor to your customers. The Client Service Module combines a 360-degree view of the customer with automated activities that help you provide the highest possible level of service and win long-term loyalty.

· Service 360

· Service resolution

· Advisor desktop


Figure 3 Client 360

Business Development Module

Win new customers and increase your share of wallet with compelling communications and targeted offers. The Business Development module enables you to ensure effective execution on every lead and opportunity and trace ROI back to specific marketing activities.

· Lead and opportunity management

· Cross-sell and up-sell

· Campaign management

· Event management


Figure 4 Investment Account Information


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