Updated Release: Hitachi CRM for Health Plans

Hitachi Solutions has been packaging a collection of unique data models, industry KPIs, role-based solutions and products for specific industries and business workloads since the beginning of Dynamics CRM to create a successful solution for Health Plans. We are thrilled to announce that our Health Plans Package is updated for Microsoft Dynamics 2016! The 2016 Health Plans release includes the following industry specific modules: Group Plan Administration, Distribution Relationship, Group and Individual Sales Management, and a Member Care Module.

For carriers that use it correctly HCRM for Health Plans can make significant improvements to their member relationships, create a holistic view of their target markets, as well as consistent business processes and collaboration across all departments.

Health Plan Carriers have a large number of organizations and individuals they are routinely working with. The organizations and individuals within a Carrier have a complex set of interactions. Take for instance, the relationships with Groups, Agents, Providers, and Members, these all cover a broad range of needs for the Carrier’s coordinated efforts.

The solution to this challenge is to design a tool that is intuitive and easy to learn. Health Plan Carriers have a number of areas in which Hitachi Solutions has been able to add business value through the implementation of CRM.



Figure 1 Agency Account Record


Figure 2 Agent Policy Overview


Figure 3 Implementation Task: Assign Benefit Files


Hitachi CRM for Health Plans enables firms to:

• Find people with un-met insurance needs with rich analysis and segmentation tools that help you identify the best prospects inside and outside of your existing customer base

• Convert leads to policy with structured processes for follow-up, advancing opportunities in the pipeline, and bringing new plans on board quickly

• Better serve your members by giving everyone an up-to-date view of leads, opportunities, and upcoming activities that are customized to their job role

• Foster stronger relationships across members, agencies, brokers, and third-party partners by giving everyone a consistent view of member, plan, and business data


Designed with the business development and relationship development needs of a Health Plans organization in mind, HCRM for Health Plans allows carriers to now have real-time insight into the opportunities they’re working on and other potential opportunities to pursue.



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