Hitachi CRM for BPM


Updated Release of Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers

The Hitachi Solutions team is pleased to announce the latest update to our Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers (BPM) package.  Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers (BPM)  creates better visibility into projects and jobs, track progress and help ensure smooth fulfillment with project and job tracking, competitor tracking, data integration with billing and ERP systems, and quote and bid management inside CRM. 

Building Products Manufacturers have a large number of organizations and individuals they are routinely interacting with. The organizations and individuals with which a firm interacts have a complex set of interactions. For instance, the relationships with project stakeholders, architecture firms, contractors, and suppliers cover a broad range of needs for the firm’s coordinated efforts.

With this package, as a sales manager, I can build a healthy sales pipeline by building up awareness and identifying strong opportunities for growth with marketing management, opportunity management and call reporting.  With full project management, I can understand  the full job and bid relationship and make better decisions with my opportunity and quote management. 

The 2016 Hitachi CRM for BPM  release includes the following industry specific modules: Project, Business Development, and Account Management.  Allow me to take this opportunity to talk about what’s included in each modules.


Projects for Building Products relay high-level information about a Project and serve as a connecting point to analyze the upcoming and active projects based on data from Dodge Leads or iSqFt.  As leads progress through the business development process they are related back to the Project and provide information about where the organization has had success.

Project in CRM
Project View in CRM



Jobs represent the individual jobs within a particular Project. Jobs can be mined as a lead source and provide an entry point to the business development process. Opportunities identified in this manner can be traced back to the original job for reporting purposes.

Jobs and Opportunites
Jobs and Opportunity Relationship to the Project



Project Bidder records represent the bid responses from other bidders who are competing for the jobs associated with this Project. Each record contains references to the specific Project, Job, as well as the bidder account record.

Job Bidders
Job Bidders in CRM


Business Development

The Business Development Module allows sales to engage in the business development process starting from an individual Job, through qualification, quoting, and fulfillment. Standardize sales call processes and automate issue and new opportunity identification.  This includes contacts, leads, and opportunity to quote to order process. 

Opportunity to Quote to Order Process

The Opportunity to Quote to Order process flow represents a business development process that is shorter and goes directly from the opportunity information into the building of a quote so it can be quickly delivered to the customer or contractor who requested it. Within the opportunity workflow, the sales user has the capability to associate multiple quotes to an opportunity when quoting multiple customers of contractors or needing multiple variations of the quote. This process flow has been designed to accommodate the usage of a Product and Quote configurator. Especially in an organization with many rules and combinations of products, these configurators can help ensure quotation accuracy and consistency.

Opportunity Process
Opportunity Process


Quote Process
Quote Process


Order Process
Order Process

Account Management

The Account Management Module allows sales to leverage different views of information for different types of accounts.  Account records represent the organizations that the firm interacts with. These may be formal businesses, organizations, or entities.  Key pieces to the Management Module include sales call history, sales history, and call reports.

  • Sales Call History and Sales History – Sales call history provides quick and easy access to see those historic sales calls, who was in the meeting, and prepare for upcoming sales calls.  Sales history provides visual information about historic order and the fulfillment status of those orders as well as any pending sales information.
Sales Call Information
Sales Call Information
  • Call Reports – The call report provides a place to capture information about meetings with a particular Account or in regards to a specific Project Job or Opportunity Pursuit.  The Call Report business process helps guide users through this information gathering, processing, and organizing it in a way so it can be searched and leveraged in the future.  The details captured as a part of the call report also triggers a workflow to automatically create follow-up records including next meeting details, new business development opportunities, or service follow-up issues.
Call Report
Call Report


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