5th Day of CRMas: Searching for the Perfect Thing!

Welcome to Day 5 of our 12 Days of CRMas. In this blog series, we are going to explore the best and brightest Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015's new features. Today we'll take a look at the expanded search capabilities offered.

The searching and filtering capabilities inside of Dynamics CRM are key foundations to so much of what we see inside of CRM. Unfortunately, getting to the right place to initiate that search often sits several clicks away…until now! A flexible Search box and Advanced Find are now front-and-center from any record, list, or dashboard in CRM. Not only that, but we also get additional capability to filter through records in new ways.


Global Search

Global search is now prominently displayed in the CRM navigation bar. Entering any search term (even with wildcards) will direct you to a search results page that shows the search term along with the matching records from any matching fields.


This is great at the front end of a process, when you don't know if a record may be a Lead, Contact, or Account. Now a single search allows you to span all of those record types. If it doesn't exist, then you can click the convenient "+" sign at the top of the column to do a Quick Create of the record

Configuring Global Search

[responsive]image from[/responsive]The search box is configurable by an admin to select the entities and the fields that will be searched (with a minimum of administrative overhead). This is managed by choosing Select Entities for Search from Settings->Administration->System Settings.

From here, you will be able to choose the entities that will be searched across, as well as set the order they will be displayed on the results page.

The search leverages the same quick-find fields that you would typically set up for an individual entity list search (quick search view). This means admins don't have extra overhead to maintain search fields in two places.

Advanced Find

The Advanced Find utility has been moved to the navigation bar as well. This is a very welcome change from my perspective. Whether a standard user looking for quick access to a specific view, or a power user ready to craft the perfect list, Advanced Find is always just a single click away.

[responsive]image from[/responsive]

I'd be happy with just that, but we've also gotten some new filtering criteria that will make life a little easier. With the release of Visual Hierarchies in CRM, we now also get a clean way to filter by that very Hierarchy. When selecting a lookup field that's part of a hierarchy you can now choose whether the resulting records are Under or Not Under a specific record in the hierarchy.

Time-savers, click-savers, and expanded functionality. This is a gift I'm happy to unwrap 🙂