Santa Trains the Reindeer with Dynamics 365 Learning Paths

As we learned on day five, Santa and the elves use Dynamics 365 to keep the reindeer in shape. While the elves have used CRM for years, this year they have rolled out CRM dashboards for the reindeer so they can keep track of how they are doing and plan for the big night. However, as you may expect, reindeer as a lot are not very computer savvy, and also only having hooves really impedes their typing speed, so onboarding and training is critically important.

That’s why Santa is using Learning Paths to simplify training for the reindeer.

Learning Paths present users with contextual help as they use the app. This help takes the form of a sidebar that presents a variety of rich content, including text, YouTube videos, website links, and documentation.


It also can be displayed as guided tasks, where when the reindeer first accesses a feature, the system presents interactive bubbles that guide them step-by-step through a process.


The result is a very interactive training tool that appears to users while they are using the application, which results in better user adoption, faster onboarding, and reduced retraining. When compared with traditional stale training documentation, Learning Paths are much better. Because the help is contextual to where the users are in the application, it is much more interactive with content like videos, and the material can easily be updated as new functionality is deployed.

Smart Paths

Learning Paths can be configured to recognize the context of the user: security role, client, and form factor.


Since we only want the reindeer’s Learning Path guided tasks to show up for the reindeer, Santa set their guided tasks to only be available for the reindeer role. Also, since reindeer can’t hold mobile devices, he set their guided processes to only show in the web client in the desktop form factor.


Santa wants to limit who can create new Learning Paths. Only the Training Elves should be able to create new Learning Paths for the reindeer.

In the Training Elf security role, on the bottom of the customization tab, Santa clicked the circle for “Learning Path Authoring,” which enabled the users with that role to create new Learning Paths.


To enable Learning Path authoring in Dynamics 365, in Settingsà Administration à System Settings, Santa set “Enable Learning Path” and “Enable Learning Path Authoring” to “Yes.”


Note—The Learning Path feature was originally introduced in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 with pre-configured Learning Paths. Configuring and publishing new Learning Paths is a new feature with Dynamics 365 that may not yet be available in your organization.

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