Hitachi CRM v 7.2.1 for Building Products Manufacturers Release Notes: Enhanced Warranty Management and Product Registrations

Hitachi Solutions is committed to updating and improving upon its CRM product to ensure customers get the best and most relevant information possible. The latest release notes include enhanced warranty and product registration features in Hitachi CRM for Building Products Manufacturers (BPM) v 7.2.1.

Product Manager James Bowen published a blog in July highlighting the updates in the latest HCRM for BPM release. Since July the product team has made some significant updates, the biggest being the addition of a Warranty Management Module.

Warranty Management Module

This module is designed for organizations that are looking to leverage CRM to manage the core warranty data or just the claims process. The solution was designed to meet your needs as a building products manufacturer, by helping you to manage the complex relationships between your products, distributors and end consumers.

The Warranty Management Module enables your organization to document and manage the commitments at a product level. The warranty provides a detailed tracking of terms and coverage provided by the manufacturer on either a product or one of its sub-components.


The warranty record outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty at a product or sub-component level. The warranty record creates the framework for managing the overall warranty and different warranty items within the warranty program. Warranty records are related to the installed products, customers, and service history to provide a complete 360-degree view of the warranty items.


Figure 1 Warranty Information

Warranty Items

The Warranty Items allow for tracking terms and conditions of commitments for different aspects of an overall warranty and allow for differing terms on components or service items. This includes different calculation formulas on warranty durations. All warranty items are related to comprise the warranty record.


Figure 2 Warranty Items

Product Registration

The Product Registration processes the data captured from a web form and allows for customers or partners to initiate the warranty record and installed product creation process. The registration process establishes the core entities and relationships to start the overall warranty processes.


Figure 3 Product Registration

Check out our Day in the Life Video of a Sales Manager for a Building Product Manufacturer to see more of our HCRM for BPG solution in action:


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