Who needs a new Sales Dashboard? NEW PowerBI Sales Pipeline Dashboards in CRM Online to the rescue!

Last year, a version of a CRM Sales Dashboard content pack was released to the Power BI online store of templates.  If you tried it and found that it wasn’t really what you were looking for – or had trouble with it due to the performance challenges, or if you’re just interested in knowing what all the buzz is about with CRM + PowerBI, I’ve got great news for you!

Microsoft recently (June 1st, 2016) released an upgraded and superior content pack for CRM 2016 Online Sales management.  The dashboard and the underlying reports have been improved to take advantage of updates to PowerBI- and more importantly they have been upgraded to work on the new CRM Web API which improves performance by 5x-10x over the older version of the OData feed.

Let’s take a look at the revised CRM Sales Manager Dashboard and the underlying reports.

The Sales Manager dashboard shows metrics, maps and charts around the Opportunity and activities from CRM – (and of course the related Contacts and Accounts, etc.).

Sales Manager Dashboard

Drilling through on any of these tiles on the dashboard will take you to one of the TEN underlying reports – each with their own expanded set of visualizations and additional filtering choices.

(Note that these screenshots reflect only the sample data, installing these Content Packs in your own environment with your data would light up them up nicely.)

The reports included in the Sales Manager Content Pack are:

Sales Performance – This report shows Won Revenue, Win Counts and Ratios – along with visualizations by Month, Industry, country and owner

(click on image for a closer look.)


Sales Leadership – This view of the sales data shows shows which Sales People are leading and lagging  based on revenue and number of deals (Again, actual real world data would be more interesting than my sample data set)



Win/Loss Analysis – This report shows the win/loss by revenue by moth and the trend of that won revenue and trending across the year



Top Won/Lost Deals – View Opportunities by accounts and shows both largest wins and losses. – It includes slicers that can allow you to filter by industry/territory/owner



Sales Pipeline – This view of the upcoming opportunities allows the sales manager explore where the revenue is expected over across the next few months



Sales Pipeline Leaderboard – A view of the sales team showing number of open opportunities and future revenue possibilities – with slicers by industry and territory



Sales Activity – Explore the activities in CRM by when they are created, type of activity and the leader/laggards by sales activities



Open Activities – Pending activities by Type, Priority and Owners



Lead Analysis – This visualizes where leads come from by country / rating / source along with some high-level counts of leads.



Account Analysis – This reports on the accounts by industry, territory and a map of the accounts’ region and country.



Summary – This gives you a flavor of the incredible variety of reports and visualizations included in the newly improved Content Pack for Sales Managers –

It’s likely a great place to start and a terrific way of generating ideas on what a tailored dashboard for your organization might include.

Documentation for installing the PowerBI Content Packs for Dynamics CRM is available on the PowerBI support Site –

Give it a shot – it’s quick, free, easy, useful and, more importantly, the possibilities for exploring your own organization are wide open.