December 13th Webinar: Taking Advantage of Microsoft Social Engagement: How Social Are You?

More and more consumers have an expectation that social media is a valid channel for Customer Service yet there are still many organizations who haven’t jumped on the social media train…and no, simply having a Facebook page or a Twitter account, doesn’t count.

It’s expected that organizations will engage with their customers on Social Media but we understand that the world of Social Media can be a little chaotic. That’s where Microsoft Social Engagement comes in.

Microsoft Social Engagement is a tool that lets companies control the chaos. It gives organizations the ability to collect, organize, and analyze relevant social media activity.

During this webinar we’re going to discuss the power of Microsoft Social Engagement’s ability to integrate with Dynamics 365.

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We will demonstrate how Microsoft Social Engagement can help organizations:

  • Manage the social media channel
  • Gain insight into powerful analytics into customer perception
  • Integrate social media contact information into their customer engagement service processes

Save your seat for our webinar on Wednesday, December 13th at 2:00pm Eastern and make sure to check out our recent blog post on Five Microsoft Social Engagement Features You Won’t Want to Miss!


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