March 23rd Machine Learning Immersion Event in Calgary

What is Machine Learning?

Join Hitachi Solutions on March 23rd at the Microsoft Office for a complementary, hands-on, guided workshop using the Azure Machine Learning technology suite to learn the methods of Advanced Analytics and how to apply them to real business questions of today.

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The goal of having trustworthy information about your business, is to anticipate what will happen in the future. As companies mature in their Analytics endeavors, they begin looking at the next step in the utilization of their data: Advanced Analytics.

Information workers who are interested in providing the next level of insight to their business, will find that the tools for beginning Advanced Analytics are increasingly accessible.

Some of the most important caveats to starting is not only understanding what questions are worth asking your data and how to ask them, but how to use the tools and technologies available today to provide your business with the answers you seek.

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