It’s Still WHO you Know; CRM Solutions Bring Value to Investment Banks

We’ve heard it our entire lives, “It’s not about WHAT you know, it’s about WHO you know.” (And what you know about them.) In the Investment Banking world this is a cold hard fact. The relationships you have with high level executives make the financial world go round. It’s the personal relationships you build and maintain that will push you above the others knocking on their door.

There’s now a question that presents itself: How do I keep track of these people and the invaluable information I know about them including their professional and personal life?

That is where Microsoft CRM and Hitachi Solutions comes into play. A system providing the ability to seamlessly keep track of your relationships, meetings, emails & pending or potential deals is essential to your day-to-day work life. Not only can CRM fulfill this need, but it also makes it easy to do all of these things while you’re on the road meeting with various executives, even from your iPad while you’re 10,000 feet in the air. A well-developed Contact Management System is imperative to being efficient in this industry.

Investment Banking Needs:

  • Investment Bankers are on the road countless hours and need a mobile friendly system.
  • Ability to make connections between different companies & contacts to hone in on potential deals.
  • Quickly find who I know that could provide an introduction to a Company or a Board Member.
  • Provide a banker a quick view of Accounts, Executives or High Net Worth Individuals they haven’t spoken to in a period of time.
  • Customized security enabled system that will only allow those people access that should be viewing sensitive notes, discussions & relationships.
  • View your upcoming meetings and quickly access information on who you’re meeting with.
  • Trip Planning – If you’ll be in New York City, who else is in the area you might be able to meet with.

Investment Bankers spend a great deal of their time on the road. It can be a daunting task to find time to enter notes regarding meetings held in the past and still stay on top of things coming in the future. Being able to take the full functionality of your Contact Management System with you can make or break your efficiency. With the mobile app, available on tablets and phones, you can access your system from anywhere, even above 10,000 feet. One feature I see being used frequently – using voice dictation on your phone to quickly enter notes after a meeting while you’re on the way to the next meeting. You immediately capture all the important details and can keep your team “in the know” real-time.

Microsoft CRM can also integrate the systems you currently use, like Relationship Science and InsideView. Imagine having all the market intelligence surrounding the relationships you have and would like to have being in once central location, or a click away. Having the ability to integrate your existing systems with CRM makes this all possible and leads to a more efficient use of your valuable time.

One of the most important features Investment Banking companies inquire about is the Security surrounding CRM. Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the business, CRM’s vast security model can accommodate most of the complex business visibility rules with out of the box functionality using a combination of business units, access teams and business rules. Hitachi Solutions is well-positioned to help Investment Banking firms navigate through all the business cases you have to develop a customized security model that meets your specific needs. Not only can we meet the security requirements within the different areas of the business but we also meet the stringent requirements put in place by industry regulators.

If you are interested in implementing Microsoft CRM in your business, contact a member of Hitachi Solutions at