Internet of Insurance Event

The Hitachi Solutions team is excited to be a Silver Sponsor of the Internet of Insurance Event this September in Austin, TX.

Internet of Insurance is the only event bringing together C-and-VP-level insurance executives to share best practices on IoT and AI implementation and optimization and help the industry move forward in terms of revenue maximization and customer engagement.

The two-day event will deliver high-level presentations, hands-on and interactive sessions, as well as extended networking and team-building sessions to an audience of pre-qualified insurance carriers.

During the event, David Bishop, Senior Vice President of Product Development and R&D  will present Geographically Enabling Insurers with GIS and Advanced Analytics where he will discuss:

  • Mapping past and predicting future events impacting policyholders through GIS and Advanced Analytics
  • Overlaying data from diverse sources including NOAA, census data and weather data to visualize it on a map
  • Helping insurers understand their business landscapes better and how to improve interaction with policyholders

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