Improving Investment Banking Deal Team Coordination and Oversight with CRM

Without a doubt, the investment banking sector is faced with higher fixed costs, lowered ROE expectations, scarce funding, and declining demand. A tighter and more invasive regulatory environment and tougher capital requirements are definitely casting a shadow on the industry. Complicating matters is that rogue or random spreadsheets and data silos still abound and firms too often find themselves to be data rich and information poor. As a result, many middle-market and bulge bracket investment banks still run the risk of having their M&A advisory, capital markets, and restructuring practices falling behind to the competition. On the other hand, the investment banks that are able to successfully press ahead in such a challenging landscape are the ones that are committed to improving their operational efficiencies and their level of client service. These two imperatives really go hand in hand. At the heart of the matter is optimizing cross-departmental communication and collaboration on critical deal valuations, company financials, due diligence follow-up, capital raising efforts, and client onboarding tasks, regardless of the geographic location of deal team members. Thus, it is essential that investment bankers can see their peers’ completed and scheduled appointments and calls with clients, potential investors, deal influencers, and strategic partners to avoid possible duplication.

The Customer Effective: FinServ CRM solution, which is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, definitely provides the required level of maximum visibility into investment banking client and colleague interaction history. With Customer Effective: FinServ, deal teams are all on the same page and speaking the same language. Operating directly within MS Outlook and available via the web and mobile devices, Customer Effective: FinServ is extremely convenient to access. Therefore, dealmakers have no excuse to keep their own independent contact or phone call logs any more. Company, Contact, and Deal profiles can all be centralized and updated in CRM. If needed, custom views and security roles can even be configured to restrict certain deal data from particular users or deal teams in the firm. Moreover, Customer Effective: FinServ comes pre-configured with many investment banking-specific views and dashboards on estimated vs. earned Deal fees, prospecting Activity counts for calls, meetings, pitchbook presentations or touches, and Deal Referral generation results and sources. Plus, the flexibility and intuitiveness of the system allows for non-IT users to create their own charts on the fly, such as the sample Deal pipeline chart below.


Additional background on the Customer Effective: FinServ CRM solution and how it is tailored for investment bankers can be found here. To hear more about how our CRM sales, marketing, and service suite and industry-focused accelerators can empower your investment banking business to outperform in a constrained environment, feel free to email