Hitachi Solutions America Rebrands Ecommerce Products to Better Reflect Client Needs, Market Changes, and Product Growth

Commerce Suite modernizes the brand and reinforces the company’s investment in ecommerce solutions designed for today’s marketplace; new product release adds simplified payment processing

IRVINE, Calif. January 29, 2019 Hitachi Solutions America Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud, has renamed its ecommerce products to show how the solution has evolved to better meet today’s client and market needs. Now known as the Commerce Suite, the system includes modules for B2B and B2C ecommerce – including automated order entry, self-service customer portal, and payment service — and provides tight accounting, shipping, and inventory systems integration.

“Over the last several years, our ecommerce products have grown in scope and features to become a complete suite of solutions, which B2B and B2C companies can use to easily expand their sales reach and provide an omnichannel customer experience. Just calling it the ‘Ecommerce’ offering no longer sufficiently describes it,” said Ranjit Goray, Vice President of Hitachi Solutions America. “Rebranding to Commerce Suite better represents what the product line does and more clearly communicates its value to our clients and the market.”

Hitachi Solutions’ Commerce Suite is an end-to-end web-based system with full ecommerce capabilities. The solution works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and enables B2B and B2C businesses to do the following:

  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Gain insight into sales data and customer needs
  • Improve customer service and increase retention
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs
  • Simplify back-office operations
  • Provide a personalized customer journey
  • Create a robust and responsive omnichannel experience

Commerce Suite 9.3 Featuring Payment Service

In conjunction with the name rebranding, Hitachi Solutions America has also released a new version of the Commerce Suite that includes a series of platform, interface, administrative, and ERP integration enhancements, as well as exciting new centralized and secure online payment capabilities.

Payment Service is new functionality that provides a simpler, more efficient way to manage online payments — whether using B2B or B2C Commerce Suite. It alleviates the complexity of integrating electronic payment support by providing intuitive Web Service APIs for handling credit cards, PayPal, eCheck, and transactions via Wallets such as Amazon Pay. Payment Service connects all payment channels using a centralized cloud-hosted solution and acts as an intermediary between a merchant’s existing systems, gateways, and back-office systems, accepts payments, and securely connects the data across all platforms, websites, and applications.

“We’re excited to announce the Payment Service solution, which was developed specifically to simplify online payments for our clients,” added Ranjit. “It’s the easiest way for them to add real-time, secure, and reliable internet payment processing to their business applications. It’s also a very efficient way for them to manage all payment processing of credit cards, electronic checks (ACH), PayPal, and Amazon Pay via major payment gateways.”

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