Hitachi Solutions Industry Innovation Summit and Hackathon: Driving a Culture of Innovation

Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. recently celebrated a unique and first-of-its-kind event.

As part of our continued investment in industry solutions, and in an effort to drive a culture of innovation, our first ever Hitachi Solutions Industry Innovation Summit and Hackathon took place on Jan. 28-31 in Bellevue, WA.

The event was born from Hitachi Solutions’ Open Innovation Center (OPIC), which started in April of 2017 to serve as a central hub for global R&D and solution incubation.

Team members from across the company submitted their innovations ranging from fixes and tools to industry workloads to complete industry solutions.

Last year, we identified 10 Industry Innovators from the North American region and awarded each innovator with a “golden ticket,” an all expenses paid trip to the capstone event in Bellevue, WA.

At the capstone event we were able to speak with three of the Innovators who gave us a bit more insight into their winning ideas.

Chris Groh, a senior solution architect on the winning ‘Kido Blimp’ team: “The idea we worked on was called Dynamic Insight. We built a power app focused on the field service space. There’s a bunch of bar code scanners out there focused on inventory management but we found very little was going on in the field service space with asset scanning. The basis for this idea is a telemetry power app built on the asset/IOT data. Imagine you are onsite and want to see real-time monitoring data on your mobile. Then imagine a device dashboard in a power app. When you scan the device ID tag, all the data appears.” 

Paul Way, principal architect on the ‘ATM’ team: “The idea we came up with was Hitachi Buzz, an automated keyword tagging tool using Microsoft Cognitive Services. It aggregates all the company “buzz” into one central location – our focus is on content and its value; not systems.”

Randy Chan, senior UX developer, on the ‘Humanoid’ team: “The idea our team worked on was around integration of Hitachi Solutions GIS mapping solution into Microsoft Power BI. This would address an enormous gap in allowing users to understand their business data against geographical data, like rail networks, pipelines, etc. in Power BI. As a Power BI custom visualization and Azure Solution template, we can potentially provide a solution which is easy to deploy and easy for customers to use. We believe that the idea has strong potential across a variety of industries.”

Congratulations to the Kido Blimp team for their winning Dynamic Insight innovation. All three teams will stay intact for the next year; continuing to iterate on the solutions and gathering feedback from customers.

“It was great to see the cross-practice effort. It was invisible to me as a reviewer whether the team member was a part of AX, CRM, or the Analytics Practice. All the solutions touched on many of the applications and set the stage for how I think we want to think about the business going forward,”  remarked Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. Business Solutions Group President, Tom Galambos.“All of the solutions or applications are very valuable in the market place and we’d like to see them all move forward”

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