Hey! Where are the Users in CRM 2015!?

For CRM users that are switching from CRM 2013 to CRM 2015 there are a ton of new features that are sure to thrill and excite.

Overall the 2015 user navigation interface is similar to the way it was in 2013. But a while ago when I was looking for the “User” section in 2015 I suddenly felt like I was taking crazy pills because it wasn’t in the Administration section, as it had always been. After some searching I found it safely tucked away under the “Security” section.


  • In CRM 2013 you go to “Administration” and to find the “User” section


  • In CRM 2015 you navigate to “Security” where you will find the new home of the “User” section

image         image


Accessing the “User” allows you to make changes to user records, add new users, take old ones out, change teams many other admin functions, but you need to get there first.

I hope this quick tip saves you some time and anguish!