Guidewire PolicyCenter and Dynamics 365 Integration: Enhancing P&C insurance Agent Productivity

Insurance agents regularly need to access multiple systems to do their jobs. Data for clients, policies, applications, and renewals will live in the policy management system, while prospective client data and opportunity pipeline will be managed in a CRM system like Dynamics 365.

This can cause frustration for agents, as they have to go to multiple systems to find the data that they need, and frequently require duplicate data entry when an opportunity becomes an application. This is why Hitachi has helped many of our insurance clients integrate Dynamics 365 with their policy and client management systems.

Guidewire PolicyCenter is a widely used system for policy, underwriting, and product management for property & casualty (P&C) insurers. Many of these same P&C insurers also use Dynamics 365 for prospect and client relationship management, agent activity management, and lead and opportunity pipeline management.

For an agent using Dynamics 365, having to manually switch between Dynamics 365 and Guidewire PolicyCenter to view policy information or create a quote can be cumbersome, and it can impact user adoption of both systems.

Thanks to Hitachi Solutions’ Dynamics 365 Guidewire integration, Dynamics 365 and PolicyCenter can work together, providing agents with real-time policy and client data in Dynamics 365, and eliminating double data entry to create a quote or application within PolicyCenter.

How an Agent Uses Guidewire PolicyCenter and Dynamics 365

Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

Mary is a P&C agent. She uses Dynamics 365 to manage her client and prospect relationships and track leads and opportunities. From within Dynamics, she can see complete client contact information, policy data, and billing information real-time from Guidewire PolicyCenter. This data is displayed via a virtual entity—the data stays securely in Guidewire, without the overhead of a data migration, and is displayed real-time in Dynamics 365.

When Mary meets with a prospective customer, she captures details in an opportunity record in Dynamics 365. When she is ready to create a quote in PolicyCenter, Mary clicks a button on the opportunity record, which passes the customer and relevant opportunity to PolicyCenter.

If the contact matches a single PolicyCenter client, PolicyCenter opens to a new quote submission screen populated with the client and other opportunity details. If there is no match, a client is created in PolicyCenter.

Our integration also enhances the client data in Dynamics 365 and PolicyCenter with address validation powered by SmartyStreets or other leading address validation service providers. When Mary clicks the button in Dynamics 365 to create the quote in PolicyCenter, the client address is validated. If the address information is incorrect or incomplete, a work item is created in the data administrator’s work queue to update the client address with the validated information.

With the Hitachi Solutions integration with PolicyCenter, P&C agents get the best of both worlds.

  • Manage sales efforts in Dynamics 365
  • Enrich Dynamics 365 with the detailed client and policy data from PolicyCenter
  • Quickly create quotes in PolicyCenter without the hassle of manually entering data into each system
  • Enhance client address in PolicyCenter

If you would like to learn more about integrating your policy management system with Dynamics 365, contact Hitachi Solutions today.


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