Field One Sky #Good2Know

Field One Sky a Strong CRM Add-On

I had the opportunity to implement Field One Sky for one of Hitachi Solution’s global manufacturing clients. Here are some thoughts about Field One intended for the many industries seeking out a field service software solution.

Let me start by saying field one is a great product and has a deep reservoir of features out-of-the-box, from your basic scheduling to specific resource allocation for work orders but before loading the Field One Solution in your CRM today, consider a few highlights my team learned in our CRM/Field One journey:


  • Great for large companies with complex needs – This tool is perfect for a company with a large field presence and wants the best of what CRM offers tied seamlessly with a field services tool.
  • Scheduling and Work Orders – Out-of-the-box scheduling has awesome features for mapping the Work Order  and matching them to close by technician resources. As well as easily visualizing and sorting the resources schedules.
  • Geo-coding/address validation – Automatic address validation smoothly runs on the Contact and Account entities. This feature can be turned off if needed but is user friendly and very useful for maintaining more accurate and complete customer data.
  • Converting a Case or Opportunity – Cases and Opportunities are easily converted to a Work Order by simply clicking a button automatically added to the case and opportunity ribbons.


  • Field one is tied to a lot of other entities – Before importing the Field One Sky managed solution (or any solution for that matter) back up your configuration. In particular back up your core entities (Opportunity, Contact, Account). When importing the managed solution for Field One Sky, there are modifications that it will make to forms and button ribbons on the contact, Account and Opportunity entity that you may not want.   These are most easily fixed by importing the solution with the entities that you backed up.
  • Field one security is required – Make sure you update your CRM user base appropriately with the correct security permissions after installing field One Sky. Virtually all users will need at least the basic field one security role to continue accessing entities that may not be directly related to Field One but are touched by the field one solution.

In our current world, logistics plays a huge role in customer satisfaction as well as in profitability, Field One is a tool that addresses many aspects of the logistics involved in a company’s field services then combines it with the collaboration power offered by CRM to knit a company’s customer delivery strategy together in ways it hasn’t been achieved before.

Do Your Research

Based on what I have seen in the newest version of Field Services for CRM there are a lot of additional features and enhancements to come.  If you want to know if Field One is the right solution for your company, there is lots of research available, and you can download a demo and dig into it.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding Field One or Microsoft CRM to see if our team of experts can help your business!