Dynamics CRM 2015: Every Interaction Matters

The Microsoft Dynamics team has recently released some great new ads showing how various Microsoft technologies will work together in Dynamics CRM 2015.

In this post we looked at the “Dynamics CRM for your Business” ad. the next ad is called “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Your Customers.”

[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”_S2MypwJlOU”]

This ad is focused on the unified customer service story provided by Dynamics CRM. Let’s dissect it and see what’s going on.


Fabrikam gets an alert from BlueYonder notifying them of a problem with the solar panels. This alert is from Parature and includes links to knowledge articles and a link to chat with customer support.


The Customer Service Rep is alerted to a new incident.


She is working in the Dynamics CRM Unified Service Desk (USD) with Parature chat.


Jodi the agent chats with the client using Parature and diagnoses the problem.


Customer launches a Skype call


From the Dynamics CRM activity pane she enters a question on Yammer. Someone replies with a link to a video.


Jodi sends the video to the client in the Parature chat.


With the problem solved, she waves “bye bye” to the client.


Jodi adds the video to the knowledge base.


The customer tweets about their positive experience, and it shows up in the activity feed on in CRM via Social Listening.


Jodi’s manager praises her in Yammer via the Dynamics CRM Yammer integration.

Comments: The last line of the ad is “every interaction matters.” This message really underscores the value of CRM + Parature + Yammer + Skype. We are providing customers real-time chat, capturing knowledge in the knowledge base, capturing internal interactions with Yammer, and capturing social interaction via Social Listening. We are improving customer sentiment by working with customers in the way that they want to interact—chat, phone, email, or Skype video chat.

I like this ad more than the Dynamics CRM for your Business ad–that ad did a good job of painting the vision, but it was light on specific details. This video in about a minute and a half shows a real demonstration of features that are all available to customers today.