2nd Day of D365mas: Dashing through the Snow and Fixing Toys on the Go with Dynamics 365

2017 is rapidly coming to a close. The snow is getting set to fly, and Santa is too.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the look of amazement in every child’s eye when they look out in wonder at the magic of the season. It’s pretty much the same look in my eye when I see all the wonderful gifts I have been given with the newest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. (Well, the children may look more wholesome and pure, but other than that, the look is pretty much the same.)

We have all been given so many powerful gifts from Jolly Ol’ Satya this year, it’s hard to choose a favorite. But the best things to me are the ones that enable me to be more productive in the way I work, so that I can make the most of the season with family and friends, but also get things done when I need to. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Interactive Dashboards

Dynamics 365’s new Unified Interface lets me interact with my information like never before. “Dashing through the snow, with my cell phone by my side, I can do some work, even on a long sleigh ride”…that’s right, Dynamics 365 has offered great functionality through their mobile app for some time now, but with the latest version I can view the same interface and dashboards no matter where I am (unless Jack Frost bites a bit too hard).

Look at this new Interactive Dashboard on the Web Client:

And look what happens when I log-in on my cell phone:

Not only do I see the same dashboard presented in the same format, but I can interact with the dashboard, filtering views, sifting through information, and updating case records on the go.

With all the new toys out for delivery on the Santa Express this year, someone needs to make sure they are all working, so even if I’m out enjoying Egg Nog on the sleigh, I can still be connected to make sure all of the toys for the good boys and girls are working as they should.


Extending Relevance Search

Everyone remembers the days of his or her youth – back in late 2016, when we were first given the gift of relevance search. Relevance Search enabled us to search our core system for more than just the primary categories our administrators set up; it allows us to search across the entire system for matching words. This holiday season we are able to extend that capability so that not only can we search in the web app, we can use that search in Outlook.

If I receive an email from a customer asking a question, and I need to look to my knowledge base to answer it, I can do it all from Outlook with the new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Not only can I view a contact record and history directly through Outlook with my native integration, but now I can work with Dynamics and search for information without leaving my inbox:

With Relevance Search available in the Dynamics for Outlook App, I can troubleshoot any problem for any toy, and keep everyone on the good list happy, staying in touch all along the way.

Final Thoughts

While Dynamics 365 has always given me an edge with unique productivity tools and the best ecosystem in the world, now more than ever I can work when and where I want to. I am never bound to my desk or stuck updating records. Dynamics 365 is truly a system that works the way I work.

Look for the exciting new features to keep on coming, and have a joyous and magical 2018!!

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