8th Day of D365mas: Joy to the (Marketing) World: Dynamics 365 for Marketing

On the 8th day of D365mas we have a lot to be thankful for in the world of marketing and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows Santa and his Elves to understand the particular toys that family segments are interested in, and how many to produce.

In this post, we will discuss how Santa’s sales and marketing Elves can use Dynamics 365 to work with customer segments, understand customer insights, and surveying capabilities with Voice of the Customer.

Customer Segments

Customer segments allow Santa and his team to market toys to the correct families. Understanding different households and who is interested in what, makes it easy for Santa to distribute specific content communications to the appropriate households year round. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Santa and his team can:

  • View all segments on one screen
  • Develop Dynamic and Static segments
  • Combine multiple segments
  • Create one seamless customer journey

Customer Insights

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, Santa can understand what is working from a communication perspective and what is not. This allows for a change in target segments, remarketing, or any follow-ups needed by the elves. Dynamics 365 allows Santa visibility into:

  • Scoring on prospects and customers
  • Timeline of events based on interactions
  • Email opens, clicks, and landing page submissions
  • Lead score progress timeline
  • Interactions by type

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VOC) allows Santa’s customer service team to follow up on toy delivery and satisfaction with surveys. Being able to send these through automation makes it seamless and easy to do. This enables Santa and team to identify household sentiment, determine how the North Pole is executing, and find where they need to spend time as an operation.

Below are some of the key benefits and features of VOC:


  • Capture Sales and Service metrics
  • Employees see customer feedback metrics
  • Automate business process flows and workflows
  • Report on survey data


  • Variety of question types and formatting
  • Auto capture of customer feedback
  • Anonymous responses
  • Action items triggered based on survey responses


I hope this post has been helpful with understanding some ways marketers can use Dynamics 365.

Always remember, Santa is watching and understands his key market segments very well.

Be on the lookout for another marketing blog in this series around marketing automation. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Dynamics 365 for Marketing, please contact Hitachi Solutions today.

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