3rd Day of D365mas: Glympse with D365 Field Service: Know Exactly When Santa Will Arrive

On the 3rd day of D365mas Santa gave to me…a way to eliminate vast wait windows and customers being left in the dark.

Long wait windows is now completely unacceptable in the minds of your customers. Customers are more connected than ever. Farmers can get an email from a cow notifying them she is about to give birth¹ and companies now need to offer realistic and accurate times of when technicians are going to arrive.  With Glympse integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can just that.  D365 Field Service already tracks a wealth of information including the GPS coordinates, traffic conditions, driving directions, and with an out-of-the-box integration with Glympse the system gives visibility to the service technician’s real-time location.  The default method of receiving the location information is via email, however, if SMS is the preferred method of contact Twilio² has you covered.

Key elements to Glympse Integration

  • Real-time alerts keep customers well informed
  • Internally companies can track real-time data on service technicians
  • Notifications can be automatically generated and sent via email or SMS
  • Field Service Mobile Application already tracks GPS location
  • Voice messaging can also be configured
  • Solution is free and available on App Source³


End-to-End Connected Field Service Customer Communication

  • Initial Alert: Work Order is created in the system and customer is automatically alerted
  • ETA Alert: Work Order is scheduled, technician is assigned, Customer and Technician are alerted
  • Live Tracking: Technician changes the WO status to “Traveling” and triggers an automatic real-time tracking link
  • Technician Arrives: Notification of Technician’s arrival to both customer and company helping to track key metrics such as travel time, and work order completion time
  • Completed WO: Once the WO is completed the technician can get immediate feedback from the customer including CSAT surveys. The Dynamics Field Service Mobile app offers additional capabilities such as the ability to gather signatures, create follow-ups, and record payments

Glympse allows insight into the entire work order process flow, from the moment the work order is created, to when the service technician completes the job. Utilizing triggers during the processes creates an opportunity for automating communications with the customers during each phase and can be based on each company’s unique requirements.

In the world of Field Service customers are only becoming more reliant on mobile devices and are expecting a more “on-demand” experience.  Offering these capabilities allows for a higher level of visibility and an overall better customer service experience.

Field Service has been known for poor visibility, a lack of communication, and long wait windows.  By remedying these issues companies can differentiate themselves from the competition offering more opportunities for new customers as well as keeping current customer’s more satisfied resulting in longer customer retention.

If improving Field Service is on your wish list this Holiday Season, reach out to Hitachi Solutions today to start a conversation.


Additional Note: While the integration package/connector to MD365 is free, business users do need to pay based on per user/month or per Glympse usage


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