How to Create a VOC (Voice of the Customer) Survey in Dynamics CRM

One of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is the Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey. What makes VOC so valuable is the ability for the customer to be able to give you feedback on any device, Phone, computer, tablet within minutes of resolutions or interaction. Allowing you to receive real time feedback of the quality and service.

Voice of the Customer (VOC) features:

  • Surveys with a variety of questions and formats
  • Themes that can be designed to follow your companies color guidelines
  • Scoring that is predefined or can be modified for your needs
  • Personalization for specific customer or user
  • Feedback that can be tracked and reported on
  • Follow ups automatically generated based off feedback or scores

According to Gartner, “Engaged customers are usually better advocates of the brand, are more loyal and more profitable.”

Developing a personal relationship with your customers helps to understand when they are being taken care of where there are areas for improvement.  Being able to perform a lightweight check-up with a VOC survey can help to maintain your relationship with the customer and verify that they are being delighted and cared for. 

How to Create your Survey:

Hamburger> Voice of the Customer> Surveys


New Button


A new survey will open- In it a some fields are mandatory, designated with a red asterisk, and a few are not but are valuable if filled out

Survey: This is a drop down, when you want to add questions to the survey you will select the drop down and go to designer

Status Reason- Draft: When the survey is live the status will change from Draft to Published

Save Buttons: There are 2 areas you can save- 2 on the Upper left corner Save: Save and remain on the page, Save and Close: Save and go back to the list of surveys, and Lower right corner Save: Save and remain on the page.

Please be aware that the pages does not necessarily save on its own- You have to go and do it.


  • Name: Add a title that is appropriate for your organization. If you end up creating 100 surveys you will want to be able to distinguish it from another survey with a similar name or use.
  • Description: If you are planning on creating many surveys adding a short description is helpful to call out who it was created for or a background on what type of questions are in the survey.
  • Owner: Automatically populated with your credential that you logged in with.
  • Unique Survey URL Description: This will be auto populated from the name of the survey.
  • Close Date: This allows you to determine how long you wish the survey to remain open and available.
  • Restrict Multiple Co: Restrict the same person to respond more than once
  • Anonymous Responses: Do you want people to be able to respond anonymous to this survey?

Scroll down a bit and there are a few more fields to be filled out


Theme: Automatically populated with a default theme – You can create themes for surveys by selecting Hamburger > VOC > Themes

Logo: This can be added by going to Hamburger > VOC > Images

If you scroll down further you will see an Anonymous link. This link will be populated once the survey is live.

Now click the survey drop down and select designer


From this view is how you set up surveys. VOC starts with 3 default pages.

  1. Welcome page
  2. Questions (Can add additional pages)
  3. Conclusion

You cannot delete the welcome or the conclusion page and each of 3 sections must remain in their predetermined locations. But you can add more pages in the question section and move them up and down as needed.


In today’s example we will create a simple CSAT Score survey.

First scroll your mouse over the light grey box and you will see 3 icons appear. Each does something unique.

Left Icon: Pencil on the page allows you to edit in line

Middle Icon: Pencil will directed to a new page

Right Icon: Trash will delete the section

Click the middle icon, the pencil


You will be directed to a new page. Type your welcome text and click save in the lower right hand and then click the X button in the upper right hand corner. You will be directed back to the 3 main sections of the survey.


Then click Slide 2. Drag your selected survey part on to the section till you see a red line like below then drop.


Then click the middle icon like we did before and in the new page add create your question.

Question Text: “On a scale from 1-5 how would you rate today’s service?”

Scroll down and select the drop down

Single Response Type: Radio Buttons


The page changes and you are asked to provide options for the radio buttons.


Response Options:

1 – Below average


3 – Neutral


5 – Above average

Scroll a bit further and in Score definition select it to be Auto 0-100.

Then save and close

Once back on the original page review and then select the 3rd section

Select in line editing and type a short thank you and click save. Next select the preview button to review your survey.


View your title page and click through to verify everything looks correct.

Once verified go back to the survey and click publish. Once published, a yellow bar will appear notifying you that it is live.


Next, click the drop down on the left hand side and select survey and scroll down to the Invitations and Actions section. There you will see a link that can be shared and distributed.


View the published survey





Now go to Hamburger > Survey Responses to see the results



Congratulations! You created your first survey, published it, and can view the results.

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