Changing the Services Game: How Field Service Automation Helps Deliver World Class Service Experiences

A 360° world class service experience, means that service teams can no longer act in silos; the entire customer experience must be integrated and seamless. The cloud provides the optimal framework for the converging organizational touch points and customer expectations; tying together the Internet of Things, Mobile applications, Self-service Portals and workloads driving Smart Call Centers, Sales, Supply Chain, Financials and Business Intelligence.

How does the “360° customer experience” change the services game?

  • Predictive Analytics and IoT –  Smart equipment, machines talking to machines over the web, predicting faults and opportunities before they happen….the Jetson’s have landed!! I used to tell my clients, we don’t have to take you from the Flintstones to the Jetson’s in one wave; we can help you crawl, walk and then run.  The problem is that was 15 years ago, and the ever changing business landscape, technological advances and customer demands are putting more and more pressure on Service Organizations to not only respond, but be predictive and prescriptive about the needs of their customers and the services they will require.
  • Integrated Workloads in the Cloud – Comfortable Computing; that’s a thing?  Yes, it a thing, especially in the age of millennials who put a tremendous focus around work/life integration. The days of being tied to one device or our desk are gone.  Enterprise solutions can’t be on their own island; we want to pull together workloads, to make well round decisions on a seamless platform that promotes collaboration.  The Call Center needs to know prior buying trends and current offers as well as past service history, to offer services that don’t just address the current issue but retain your customers.  Field Technicians need to be tied into traditional “back-office” functions and be able to purchase inventory from preferred vendors,  order parts while on the job and present customers with quotes for new equipment sales and maintenance plans, while they have the face-time and the increased likelihood of closing the new business.
  • Mobility at the Point of Service – Mobility isn’t about porting forms or a traditional office application to a mobile device.  Mobile applications have become a way of life for anyone who owns a phone.  Depending on what function they want to perform, they expect for it to be a tailored experience, that is intuitive and efficient, that they can interact with on their mobile device.  Customers demand answers and field technicians are on the front line.  Empowering them with the right information and tools, increases their effectiveness at servicing your customers and driving additional revenue through field based sales.

Hitachi Solutions is focused on delivering innovative solutions, taking Service Organizations to the Cloud and increasing the number mediums organizations can use to attract, retain and service their customers. As leading enterprises scramble to meet increasing customer demands, field service automation applications have moved to the forefront. It’s important for you to have a consulting partner in your corner that has more than 375 combined years of experience implementing FSA solutions across the globe and in every major industry sector including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Services Industries, etc.

To learn more, please join us for our upcoming webinar on June 9th: “Cloud to the hands of your Work Force: Technology is changing the Services game”.