10th Day of D365mas: North Pole Case Studies in Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, there are many different options. While most of them check the box on core marketing functionality, such as campaigns, email templates, surveys and landing pages, there are subtle differences in their focus, so there isn’t one marketing automation platform that is a perfect fit for every company.

In this post, we will look at two different companies, what they are using for marketing automation, and why it is a good fit for them.

Company 1: FT Snowman Hat Company is the leading manufacturer of stovepipe hats.

They sell their products to upscale hat stores and chimney sweep service providers. They use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate and manage their Sales process, and they have deployed ClickDimensions for automation of marketing to manage their client marketing. They have two people focused on marketing, and have other people in their organization who also participate in email campaigns.

Since all of their employees who execute campaigns and email blasts are Dynamics 365 users, ClickDimensions’ deep integration with Dynamics 365 is a big benefit. Sales managers can create a standard Dynamics 365 marketing list, and marketing users can use those marketing lists in a campaign.

ClickDimensions also helps FT Snowman Hat Company (FTS) score leads and identify the interest level of potential customers based on their engagement with multiple channels, including webpage visits, email clicks, and web form submissions.

The drag-and-drop Campaign Automation designer makes it easy for FTS to automate customer journeys via nurture campaigns. Marketers can create automated campaigns with targeted messages and outcomes. Since ClickDimensions is built on Dynamics 365, these campaigns can create and assign CRM records (like phone calls) and execute Dynamics 365 emails. When a potential client is identified but is not ready for a sales person to actively work the opportunity, the sales team can nurture these prospects by adding them to the Nurture Campaign. When the prospects begin to heat up, automated actions can target the messaging sent to the prospect and re-engage the sales person.


FTS’s Marketing Manager also says that she loves how she can easily create great looking email templates that are “much better than Dynamics 365 standard text-based templates,” create landing pages for lead capture and survey clients about plans for new stovepipe hat designs.

As part of FTS’ digital transformation strategy, they are trying to target younger hat buyers on social media. With ClickDimensions 8.8 Social Marketing, Dynamics 365 users can create, schedule and publish posts, and view post history from within Dynamics and see activity generated from clicks on social links.

With ClickDimensions, FTS can engage with their clients and prospective clients across multiple channels, including email, web, social, and SMS.


ClickDimensions is a marketing automation platform that is built on Dynamics 365. It is a very good solution for companies that:

  • Have small to medium sized marketing departments
  • Want full marketing functionality available from within Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Market primarily to businesses (not consumers)
  • Run nurture campaigns that need to create or update Dynamics 365 records (like create and assign phone calls) or trigger Dynamics 365 processes.
  • Have sales people or users outside of the marketing department creating campaigns or email blasts.


Company 2: Saint Nicholas Enterprises (SNE) is the leading wintertime distributor of toys.

SNE’s prospective client base is every girl or boy in the world who is on the “Nice List”.

SNE’s customer database is much larger than FTS Hats’ customer database, and SNE needs to have much more detail about individuals. With billions of prospective clients, knowing each child’s preferences for the wish list and naughty or nice score can be a challenge.

That’s why SNE uses Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe provides them with end-to-end tools to manage digital customer experience across websites and online advertising, target potential customers and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels, and dynamically change their messaging based on preferences and interaction in other campaigns.

Based on web searches across SNE’s websites, Adobe captures detailed metrics about what each boy or girl wants, and based on online activity, SNE can capture the child’s naughty or nice score.

Using Adobe Campaign, SNE can deliver one-to-one individualized communication to each client, and adjust the messaging real-time based on previous interactions with other campaigns. Adobe campaign gives SNE a deep, real-time understanding of their customers, making it easy for SNE to adjust how they are communicating with them and measure the success of those campaigns.


Adobe also helps SNE notify clients, with push notifications to mobile apps or branded email or SMS notifications, such as when deliveries will be delayed due to weather conditions.

But SNE also uses Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service. Microsoft and Adobe have partnered together to provide integration between Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365 and provide a complete view of customers between Adobe Campaign and Dynamics 365.

The Dynamics 365 Adobe Campaign connector synchronizes accounts, contacts, and leads to bring CRM data into Adobe campaigns and display Adobe profile details on CRM record forms and dashboards.

When a hot lead is identified in Adobe Campaign, the connector can create a lead in Dynamics 365 and assign it to a sales elf for follow up.

With Adobe Campaign integrated with Dynamics 365, marketers can get a complete profile of potential customers, target them with individualized marketing campaigns, tailor messaging real time based on interactions across multiple channels, and synchronize with Dynamics 365 to provide a complete view of a customer between Adobe and Dynamics 365.


Adobe Campaign is an omnichannel marketing automation platform that is integrated with Dynamics 365. It is a very good solution for companies that:

  • Have large marketing departments
  • Market primarily to consumers
  • Leverage other Adobe Creative or Experience Cloud tools
  • Want to orchestrate interactions across multiple campaigns and tailor messaging real time based on previous interactions
  • Want to provide branded non marketing notification messages to client


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