Great Changes are Coming Soon – CRM Online Fall ’13 Subscription User License Pricing!

This week, the Microsoft Dynamics partner community participates in CRM training blitzes supporting the fall launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise versions.   As with other product launches, there will be a lot of activity as field sales teams get ramped up on new features, functionality, technology and devices designed to “help people do their best work and deliver compelling customer experiences”.  Personally, I cannot wait to see all the new, cool stuff!  But as a customer, I would want to know how the new pricing structures work?

Three Online User Licensing Choices

A few years ago, Microsoft implemented a three-tiered licensed user pricing format for on-premise customers.  The tiered user licensing was met with positive customer reviews, but until now CRM online Fall ‘13 was offered at a single per user price point.  With the CRM 2013 major release, Microsoft now gives its CRM Online Fall ‘13 customers the ability to choose the license that is right for them, their users and their business.

Access Data Whenever and Wherever

As a Microsoft customer you own your own data, regardless of whether you are an online or on-premise customer without incurring extra per user licensing charges.  This gives your organization the option to grant access to your data from multiple devices, such as a tablet, a mobile device, the web, or personal computer with the Outlook plug-in for CRM which supports data access while online and offline.

Also Microsoft Office integration and user web portal access are included.  As long as your users have the appropriate license, your staff can be mobile, supporting your customers while working with devices that fit your business; accessing data, how, where and when they need it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the CRM Online Fall ‘13 user licensing options.  Please check the Microsoft Volume Licensing site for pricing updates and definitions as the release dates and details are finalized.  I am excited about these new price points, because they enable organizations using CRM Online Fall ’13 to grant access to more users, resulting in more productivity on a day-to-day basis.


Professional User License: is designed for users that take full advantage of the CRM Online Fall ‘13 features and automation including sales force automation, marketing and customer care.  Typically, these users will create, share and/or assign records.  They are the kind users that would need to access the full 360-degree views of their organization’s data.  Most power users, managers and system administrations would fit into “Professional” group.

Basic User License: is designed for users or teams that have assigned records such as accounts, contacts, leads, cases or activities. Typically, these users focused on core, assigned activities supporting sales, service and marketing.  These are users who need to create, update, edit or manage their own accounts, contacts, leads or cases. They may need access custom applications that use CRM data or require reporting or query capabilities.  Customer service representatives, business analysts, sales, service staff and clerical staff with assigned accounts or tasks would fit into the “Basic” group.

Essential User License: is designed for users that need to use custom-developed or partner-provided applications that access CRM data.  These users have access to CRM data, but do not use the CRM application directly as part of their duties.  Employees that review, update, change or create records through self-service, or a web based application would fit into the “Essential” user group.

As announced during the July 2013 CRM 2013 Training Blitz, the list for CRM Online Fall ‘13 per user license prices are as follows: Professional ($65 usd); Basic ($30 usd); and Essential ($15 usd).

And now for the fine print, Paco Contraras, Microsoft Licensing Program Manager, notes in his blog: “These prices are for CRM Online Fall ‘13 list price shown per user per month in US dollars/ actual pricing might vary by geography. Other fees may apply for add-on services such as dditional storage, testing and production instances. Prices are exclusive of any fees you may incur to procure Internet connectivity.”


After the CRM 2013 launches are complete, the user licensing schemas will be equivalent, making it easier for organizations to determine what works best for them.  This is great news for our ustomers, because this approach gives CRM customers the ability to mix and match their user licenses, means more flexibility and options when considering the organization’s implementation and deployment approaches. 

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