2013 Convergence Wrap-up and Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the Numbers

The most well-attended Convergence to date wrapped up yesterday in New Orleans. Convergence is the annual Microsoft-hosted trade show for Dynamics partners and customers.  It’s always a busy week meeting with customers and learning more about the software we spend so much of our lives with.  It’s also a good time to benchmark and look at the progress and momentum that Microsoft Dynamics is making in the marketplace.

7 billion: number of people on earth, which is now less than the number of connected devices on earth.

3 million:  Number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.

39,000: Number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.

21,000: Size, in miles, of CSX’s transportation network.  CSX, a Customer Effective customer, uses Microsoft CRM to “leverage existing processes as well as extend out and connect new functionalities.”  CSX won the Dynamic Business Award: Enterprise at this year’s Convergence.

11,500: Attendees at Convergence this year.  The largest ever.

6,681:  Number of times the hashtag #conv13 was used on 3/20.  Cool infographic making tool here.

600: Cost (USD) of a hard drive that could store all of the music in the world today.

88: Percent of companies who have remote workers.

60: Percent of Dynamics CRM customers making the ‘cloud choice’.

50: Percent increase in in North American license growth last quarter.

44: Percent of customers who complain about companies on social media.

34:  Double-digit growth quarters for Microsoft CRM

28:  Number of languages (actually ‘writing systems’) that Netbreeze supports.  Microsoft acquired Netbreeze recently and they introduced their product and integration last week.  They are a social data insight company.  MSCRM head Bob Stutz remarked, “They offer their customers the ability to monitor a wide array of social channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as 6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs and 500,000 message boards.”

15: New version of MarketingPilot announced this week.  Also, the new CRM connecter is available here.

4: Average number of different smart-digital devices used by a person in the US  everyday.

3: Percent chance that a cold lead marketing email will get a response.  Second Degree LinkedIn contacts via InMail will get a response 67% of the time.