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Hitachi Solutions enables financial institutions to increase productivity and exceed consumer expectations all while meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Today’s financial services market is highly competitive, complex and difficult. Particularly due to recent legislation, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce risk, increase compliance, detect fraud, and retain and know your customers. Global digitization, along with unprecedented changes to the financial services business model, is mandating transformation. With Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft, your financial services organization will be able to:

  • Reimagine the client experience
  • Empower employees with digital workstyles
  • Optimize operations through improved insight into compliance and risk management
  • Transform products with open and connected systems and highly-automated digital processes

As a technology and business solutions provider, Microsoft and Hitachi Solutions are focused on enabling financial service organizations to achieve more with their business — using customer insights to drive retention and fuel growth.


Solving Your Challenges

Financial services were one of the first industries to widely adopt information technology. As a result, legacy systems are commonplace. Many of these systems pose integration challenges. Over the decades, many banks have been involved in mergers and acquisitions, making it not uncommon to have duplicate and non-integrated business applications. Separate lines of business add to the confusion. Many business units have isolated applications built on non-standardized databases making it hard to get a single view of the customer.

Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft are uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions, providing technologies and services to help your business both evolve and transform to solve your modern-day business challenges.


Digital Transformation

Engage customers:

Customers today have options. Hitachi Solutions lets you engage your customers with timely, targeted marketing and data-driven financial advice.

Empower employees:

Customers are inundated with choices and 40% of customers believe financial services is an undifferentiated market. Thanks to advances in cloud computing, Hitachi Solutions offers an affordable and easy to implement solution that gives your employees the technology to enhance customer service, make product recommendations and predict competitive threats.

Optimize operations:

As the complexity of both financial products and regulatory mandates continues to grow, financial organizations are capitalizing on advanced analytics models to reduce risk and gain operational insight. Our vertical specific software is designed to help you derive powerful, timely insight into risk exposure and respond rapidly to changing regulatory requirements.

Transform your products:

Innovation is rapid in today’s market. Hitachi Solutions will help you stay current, finding new ways to utilize data while combatting fraud and staying ahead of evolving threats.
Hitachi Solutions, due to its experience working with private equity firms, was able to help us enhance the process of tracking these business flow activities.
- Eric Souza, Director of Information Technology, Berkshire Partners
We really needed to capture, all in one spot, how many acres they farm, what type of operation they’re running, and the amounts of their loan balances and crop insurance. The current CRM system has made that possible.
- Mindy Miller, Sales and Service Specialist
One of the things we are looking to do is expand the system beyond sales force automation and be our single view for all customer information. This has been a win-win for all of us and I definitely see potential for using Hitachi Solutions in the future.
- Larissa Tosch, Glatfelter’s Director of Applications, Glatfelter Insurance Group
They made us feel very comfortable that if we went with Dynamics and Hitachi, we would get the application we really needed based on our business requirements.
- Craig Borens, AVP of Customer Care for Grange Insurance
It’s Microsoft. Our people use Microsoft every day. It’s very intuitive. You know what you need to do because it’s familiar. With Hitachi and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we didn’t have to change our practices to fit the system, they built the system to meet our needs.
- Staci Wade, VP of Applications Support, Lake Michigan Credit Union

Why Hitachi Solutions?

The financial services team at Hitachi Solutions has been helping financial services companies unlock digital experiences through the power of the Microsoft platform since 2004. Today, we are using our experience to help financial services companies expose key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.

Hitachi Solutions is uniquely positioned to help your financial services organization grow for several reasons:

  • We are focused solely on Microsoft technology.
  • We leverage our in-house data analytics team to help you take your Microsoft technology even further.
  • Our industry IP allows us to deliver a tailored solution so you can get up and running fast.