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Using Data to Get Ahead

Larger organizations have company information in multiple systems. As an organization grows, their sources of company information grow too. With multiple sources, it is difficult to arrive at “one version of the truth” regarding how an enterprise is doing in a particular area. With siloed information sources and untapped data, it is impossible to identify trends or gain intelligent insight based on fact.

By leveraging advanced analytics you’ll be able to access and merge the data from every system in your organization, allowing you to make intelligent and informed business decisions based on holistic data — and giving you the foundation required to implement machine learning and IoT capabilities.

The Data Analytics Solution for Microsoft Users

Hitachi Solutions advanced analytics products integrate seamlessly with the entire Microsoft stack and can also be leveraged with any other non-Microsoft industry specific, back-end or master data management system.

Current Microsoft Dynamics customers benefit from the complimentary capabilities that advanced analytics offers. By layering advanced analytics on top of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM system, you can take full advantage of everything the Azure ecosystem has to offer — and ensure your organization doesn’t get left behind in the age of digital transformation.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

At Hitachi Solutions we have an entire team focused solely on integrations. The Enterprise Architecture team will work with you by offering recommendations and providing guidance on the best integration avenue.

Our Enterprise Architecture team has worked on integrations of all sizes and complexities from simple data exchanges to projects with over 100 integrations through middlewares. Whatever integration challenge you present, our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to handle it.

Interested in implementing predictive service capabilities in your organization, but not sure where to start? Sign up for our IoT solution lab.

Our proven approach helps you identify a high impact business scenario and then build a working model, in a controlled environment, so you can quickly measure the potential benefits.