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What to Look for in an Advanced Analytics Implementation Partner

Price is often the first factor considered when comparing implementation partners. However, what truly makes or breaks a project is not price, but culture. Before choosing a partner, consider whether your two cultures are a fit. It may seem minor, but implementation is a truly collaborative process and culture fit can have a tremendous impact on the success of the overall project.

Similarly, you want a partner that has a close relationship and lengthy history with Microsoft and a partner that has been there and done this a thousand times before.

Finally, an implementation partner should strive to clearly and completely understand your business. At Hitachi Solutions we do this by asking a lot of questions and immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses. This results in the ability to apply solutions that are tailored to each specific business.

When looking for an implementation partner, consider the following questions:

Is there a culture fit?

Does the partner have a close and lengthy relationship with Microsoft?

How will the partner attempt to fully understand your organization?

Best Practices for Advanced Analytics Implementation

No single implementation methodology is a one-size-fits-all silver bullet answer to success. End-user needs, past project experiences, team member availability, budgeting processes and business objectives vary considerably from customer to customer…or even from project to project.

That’s why we, as industry experts, must ensure that we are providing you, our customer, with the proper guidance needed for you to be successful. This guidance includes matching the best project implementation methodology to your unique business challenges.


Our best practices focus on:

  • Collaboration
  • Due diligence and planning
  • Client immersion
  • Prescriptive solutions based on each client’s business needs
  • Thorough training

Implementation Methodology: It’s Not One Size Fits All

Hitachi Solutions developed the Consensus Agile methodology to provide clients with a highly collaborative approach that results in a shorter time to market. Organized into ‘sprint’ cycles, our Agile projects provide you with greater flexibility – if business priorities change during the project, we simply shift our focus in the next sprint. This gives you ultimate authority in how your investment is spent.

Built around the principles of Scrum, our Consensus Agile methodology calls for a collaborative, cross-functional team of Hitachi Solutions and client resources that can work together daily to plan, design, and deliver Microsoft Dynamics solutions to end users. Our process enables your team to provide input more regularly, reducing risk and ensuring a great product experience.

Benefits of the Consensus Agile methodology include:

  • Rapid delivery guided by a detailed release plan
  • Can reach go live quicker than a traditional waterfall approach
  • Offers flexibility to add follow-on deployments to regularly add new functionality
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Our proven approach helps you identify a high impact business scenario and then build a working model, in a controlled environment, so you can quickly measure the potential benefits.