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Our Pillars

What Clients Can Expect from Hitachi Solutions: As dedicated problem solvers, we listen to your needs and build competitive end-to-end solutions that empower your business for a sustainable future; our team is your team and we’re ready to get started.

What Hitachi Solutions Expects from Team Members: We appreciate the dreamers and thinkers who are willing to learn and reach for innovation. By celebrating curiosity and encouraging teamwork, we see our ideas translated into real-world results.

What Our Team Members Can Expect: Our promise to our people is simple: Come as you are today with a willingness to learn and grow and we’ll provide you with tools to build your career, expand your knowledge base, and deepen your sense of self – all while having fun along the way.

Our Company

At Hitachi Solutions, our exceptionally skilled and passionate team of innovators have tapped into the ever-changing world of tech and integrated their knowledge of the space with our customer’s feedback in order to produce powerful, easy to use, and affordable industry solutions. As a dedicated Microsoft Partner, we draw from our extensive resource network to provide maximum innovation and value.

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Take It From Our Clients

Hitachi Solutions was different from any other vendor I’ve worked with. They have a fantastic team that knows the product inside and out, and took the time to learn our company in order to complete the project on time and under budget.
- Dennis Chan, Operations Manager
Our challenge was to bring a wide variety of flowers to our clients from a variety of sources. We were able to achieve this with the help of Hitachi Solutions. We are now able to land with our customers faster than our competition can.
- Deba Behera, Director - IT
Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Bright Horizons to more efficiently connect parents with the high-quality, nurturing child care programs that help their children learn and thrive.
- Dave Shaby, Senior Vice President of Consumer Operations
We selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM since our revenue producers were already Outlook power users; we simply gave them a familiar and intuitive user interface.
- Dan Madden, Investment Manager Services, SEI
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