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The Hitachi Software MiraiBio Group has just released a new build of MasterPlex QT v4.0 that boasts several new improvements:

  • Best Fit Options - The Best Fit feature now offers 3 parameters for which you can optimize for to determine the best curve fit:
    1. Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) - RMSE is a good measure of accuracy or goodness of fit which aggregates the individual differences or residuals between your expected and calculated values into a single measure of predictive power. This is the default option as it is the one that is recommended.
    2. Standard Deviation of % Recovery - This option will provide the model equation and weighting algorithm combination with the lowest standard deviation of percent recovery. The percent recovery is basically the calculated concentration - the expected concentration * 100.
    3. R-squared - This option is the only Best Fit option in previous builds of MasterPlex QT v4.0. It is not as sensitive to the goodness of fit as the RMSE option.

  • Competitive Binding and Inhibition Assays - This build provides improved support for competitive binding or inhibition assays.
  • More Intuitive Auto Fill - Auto Fill is simplified with more intuitive dilution direction buttons and being able to preview the standard values.

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