Microsoft Dynamics CRM U.S. Xpress Success Story

Savings of up to $350,000 in opportunity costs

When leading truckload transportation company U.S. Xpress set out to modernize their IT infrastructure, they needed a CRM system that could deliver a single view of customer information across all their divisions and affiliates. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Hitachi Solutions gave them a single place to access customer information, prepare quotes, and collaborate on the bidding process, and saved them up to $350,000 in lost-opportunity costs.

With Hitachi Solutions, U.S. Xpress is able to:

  • Deliver better quotes and faster, in addition to working together with the customer to come up with a bid response that fits everyone’s needs.
  • Gather all customer information in 90 seconds and recovering lost-opportunity costs, an improvement from the hours it used take sales people
  • Gain a greater insight into customer now staff have a single view of the customer due to the link between CRM and the company ERP


U.S. Xpress Dynamics CRM Success Story
For our salespeople, in particular, the fact that Microsoft Dynamics CRM worked through Microsoft Outlook made it a great fit and helped us adopt it with greater ease. It also fit with our existing Microsoft infrastructure, and we felt that we could avoid having to heavily customize it to meet our needs.
Bob Poulous, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, US. Xpress
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