Microsoft Dynamics AX for Supply Chain

Microsoft Dynamics AX is reinventing the way businesses manage processes. Dynamics AX is a cloud based ERP system that is optimized to deliver value to organizations through the ability to make smarter decisions with increased speed.

The flexible cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics AX enables organizations to improve operational efficiency while minimizing costs. Seamless integrations with familiar Microsoft business tools – from productivity with Office 365, to business analytics with Power BI, to customer engagement with Dynamics CRM – provide up-to-the-minute insight on data and analytics, and easier ways to collaborate with the team.

 Financial Management


Improve Efficiency

Register financial data in the ledger in real-time to reflect the business flow and secure fast and accurate financial reporting. Gain insight and reduce data entry errors by using unlimited financial dimensions, self-balancing dimensions, and advanced account structures and rules.

Execute financial operations from a single corporate database to reduce time-intensive, repetitive administrative tasks and help your team move from strictly tactical activities to more strategic ones. Activity-based workspaces provide finance professionals with task specific experience, and integration with O365 productivity and collaboration applications.

Consolidate results online and share data such as chart of accounts or currency exchange rates across multiple legal entities. A customizable user interface and on-line help functionality lets you deliver low training costs.


Manage Cash Flow

Gain deeper insight into your financial status and cash flow whenever you need it.

Analyze your liquidity with cash flow forecasts and optimize the way your company manages foreign currencies.

Import customer payments automatically into your payment journal, or make vendor payments with clear visibility into all your accounts to help you manage your cash flow more effectively.


Drive Business Performance

Plan, create, manage, control, and complete projects for your organization, including time and materials, fixed price, and internal projects such as investment, cost, and time. Out-of-the-box financial reports offer a jumpstart on report design, allowing you to easily customize reports according to business needs.

Create a project hierarchy comprising multiple sub-projects. Easily plan projects, large or small, by matching work requirements with available resources.



  • Ensure regulatory compliance and expand your business across geographies
  • Improve the efficiency of your financial operations and enable strategic planning
  • Manage your cash flow effectively
  • Gain insight into your finances and improve your ability to make the right decisions quickly
  • Perform fast and reliable accounting, financial reporting and analysis
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Improve Processes

Manage your organization’s budget, including flexible configuration options, instant calculation of available budget funds, pooling of budgets and budget workflows for review and approval.

Configurable budget planning supporting a flexible chart of accounts and dimensions, custom-defined process configurations, workflows, and the use of Microsoft Excel to estimate costs, create scenarios and create a budget plan worksheet for Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Gain Oversight

Automatically route the budget plans together with worksheets and attachments for reviews and approvals. Leverage Microsoft application integration with the ability to create and edit budget plans using Excel and Dynamics AX; switch the layout for budget plan documents on the fly and edit data by using any selected layout.

Enforce legal appropriation compliance and simultaneously allow lower-level departmental budgets with multiple, variable and hierarchical level budgetary controls.

Offer summary/total dimensions when you analyze and update budget plans by using multiple scenarios.


Budget Control

Track budget versus actuals and stop over-spend at the point of approval or entry of a transaction. Budget control dimensions can be selected from the financial accounting structure that will be used for budget control.

Budget control can be applied to a variety of transactions including purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor invoices, expense reports, travel requisitions and more.

If a budget fund is about to be exceeded due a transaction, Microsoft Dynamics AX can stop the transaction from moving forward, warn the user or go through relevant approvals to allow the spend to exceed the budget.



  • Determine the financial components used to establish and control budgets
  • Update or revise budgets based on economic events
  • Define workflows and policies that match organizational requirements
  • Use a budgeting tool that is right for your organization
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 Order Management


Improve Customer Service

Gain advanced control over your sales orders. When entering sales orders, Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to automatically check credit limits, customer account information, pricing agreements, and inventory levels so you can give your customers real-time information.

With Dynamics AX you have the ability to look into real time available to promise (ATP) data, and it also applies delivery date control so you can make accurate and precise order and delivery promises.

Print, fax, email, or publish order confirmations on the Web, offer your customers flexible invoicing options, keep track of backorders and manage returned items.


Optimize Purchasing Processes

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you purchase the right products at the right time with the best price. By gaining insight into supplier prices and lead times, you are better able to compare quotations from suppliers with different delivery deadlines, price conditions or other parameters.

Historical data and analysis tools help you evaluate past supplier performance so that you can make more informed purchasing decisions for the future.

The tight integration within Dynamics AX means that you only need to register received goods once, and then all relevant areas of the system are automatically updated. This streamlines record-keeping and saves time and resources, while reducing the risk of manual errors.


Trade Seamlessly

The intercompany functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX enables several companies, subsidiaries, or distribution centers to trade internally within one Microsoft installation.

Intercompany functionality allows a company to apply a variety of required intercompany trading policies that help ensure the trading process between companies is always in sync, enabling a greater degree of process automation and control.

With visibility into inventory in all companies, subsidiaries, and distribution centers and the ability to source inventory across locations, you can minimize you stockholding costs.


Improve Cost Control

Maintain accurate inventory valuation and gain insight into the variation of your cost prices. The cost price of inventory can be continuously updated through re-calculations to reflect the actual price.

The standard cost price and any differences can be posted to different general ledger accounts so that variances are readily visible.

Inventory valuation can be performed according to different methods for different items including FIFO, LIFO, weighted average and standard cost price.



  • Deliver better customer service with more efficient sales processes
  • Reduce costs by supporting your purchasing and warehousing processes
  • Improve relationships with your customers and suppliers using trade agreements
  • Trade seamlessly with your subsidiaries with the ability to manage intercompany orders within one system.
  • Achieve better cost control with greater visibility into cost prices and accurate inventory valuation
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Optimize Inventory Levels

Track items by inventory dimensions, including site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and serial number. Take advantage of multiple inventory control systems and inventory valuation methods including first in/first out, last in/first out, standard cost, moving and weighted average.

Strong forecasting functionality supports long-term planning to help you optimize inventory levels. Create sales and purchase forecasts based on items and time periods and use an unlimited number of forecast models to simulate various future scenarios. Demand Forecasting is a lightweight, yet powerful tool that enables organizations to forecast based on historical data, leverage the power of Azure Machine Learning, adjust the forecasts using Microsoft Excel and import the values into Microsoft Dynamics AX forecast models. To quickly project cash flow, you can transfer item forecasts to the general ledger forecast.


Create Bills of Material Quickly and Easily

Create a bill of materials for production including phantoms using a graphical BOM designer.

Modify and track individual line items. Manage multilevel formulas or recipes, co-products and byproducts. Configure custom products with a unique bill of materials and routing by using the product configurator.

Use version control to release the right BOM and electronic signatures to track changes.


Flexible Management of Bills of Material

Efficient and flexible – Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures you get the most accurate costing and materials requirement information.

Price calculations, using cost price, can be performed for each level of the BOM, giving you accurate and detailed pricing information which is updated throughout the solution.

You can create multiple BOM versions to provide maximum flexibility, and you can use the version date of each BOM to control the validity of different versions. Previous BOM versions can be accessed and reused at any time.



  • Optimize inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand
  • Improve your inventory management with detailed insight into your inventory and item tracking
  • Improve your materials requirements planning with flexible options for managing bills of material
  • Create bills of material (BOM) quickly and easily using the graphical BOM designer
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 Management Reporter


Performance Management

Displaying business results, performing variance analysis, comparing projections and consolidating data from disparate general ledgers provides business users with the business insight they need to make timely and relevant decisions.

Accurate and auditable reporting is also essential to regulatory compliance.


Accurate, Shareable Reporting

Create boardroom-quality financial statements and reports without IT assistance, consolidate across companies within Microsoft Dynamics AX, and take advantage of secure report distribution and storage using Management Reporter.

Collaborate on financial reports using the Web-based report viewer. Financial reporting capabilities is delivered in all available languages.



  • Bring together financial information from different financial models or general ledger companies in order to create a consolidated view of the business
  • Widely distribute dynamic and standard reports including financial statements, management reports, and ad-hoc analysis to the decision-makers across the organization
  • Support generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP), international financial reporting standards (IFRS), and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. Centralized data management, including security and business rules, and transactional reporting simplify regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced partnership with IT
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