Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hitachi Solutions Eommerce provides complete integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give merchants a comprehensive view of orders, sales, catalog, revenue and customers within the business.

For an Ecommerce merchant, the key to maintaining a good customer relationship is having both a microscopic and macroscopic view of the customer.

 Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce provides you an integrated experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides the merchants, sales persons, and call center operators a 360 degree view of the customer and the sales orders. A CRM manager can login automatically to the Ignify eCommerce order entry solution without having to use a separate login. A unified view is provided for various Manager Panel pages under different modules – Sales/Marketing/Services/Settings – creating a fast, flexible and affordable solution that helps increase sales through faster deliveries.


Single Sign-On

The single sign-on feature helps merchants who have previously used a CRM solution to adapt to the Manager Panel easily as they do not need to learn to navigate a new solution, but continue using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM navigation with the additional benefits provided by the Manager Panel.


Real-Time Order Management

The single sign-on feature gives the CSR the flexibility to place an order via the Manager Panel and have it integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM real-time. All individual products added to the order, tax computations and discounts are also reflected real-time, providing a unified system for end customers. The customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM navigation menu allows the CRM/Store Manager to not only place orders, but also create quick order lists and configure reward and pricing the same way as it is done in the Ignify eCommerce Manager Panel.


Configure-Once Functionality

The CRM Manager can also configure online payment accounts, shipping methods, tax providers, tax computations, and auto-fraud criteria in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, without needing to configure it again in the Manager Panel. The order fulfillment process of invoice creation and payment processing is also possible through the integrated functioning of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Ignify eCommerce.

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 How Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Promote Growth

The marketing aspect of the business is also taken care of by customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with all the marketing features available in the Ignify eCommerce Manager Panel. As such, the CRM Manager can manage product recommendations such as best sellers, or moderate customer reviews and ratings, and even compare products or manage how inventory is displayed.


Search Engine Optimization and URL redirection is also incorporated into the customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution as provided by Ignify eCommerce.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution also helps you analyze your sales process to understand any shortcomings in the conversion process, the purchasing patterns of your customers, and the performance of your CSRs among others.


It provides you relevant data to plan your marketing and promotional activities, thereby helping you cater to the precise requirements and trends expressed by your customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, working in tandem with the Manager Panel, helps you manage the important contributors to the growth of your business by offering synergies across the entire sales and services efforts.

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