Taming The Queue View in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In Dynamics CRM 2011, when you select queues from the workplace menu, you will see many different Queues listed in the Queue drop-down.

This is because in CRM 2011, each user has a queue, and queues are also used for group queues, such as incoming e-mail to a support queue. Queues that begin with < are personal queues linked to user records.

This can sometimes cause “queue overload” when a user just wants to monitor a specific queues.

One approach to reduce the number of queues that a user sees to just those that he monitors is to use teams and views.

1. Modify the user’s security role to limit queue read access to user level.

2. Create a team for each “public” queue, and make the team the owner of the queue.

3. Add users to the teams that own the queues that he monitors.

Using this approach, the user’s view of queues will be limited to his own personal queue and the public queues that he monitors.