Scheduling E-mail Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can send e-mail notifications to users based on virtually any record condition. For example, when a scheduled task is over-due, a workflow can be configured to send an e-mail to the owner of the task notifying him that the task is over-due. These notifications are sent out immediately.

So what to do if you want to delay the sending of notification e-mails?

For example, John is a sales manager, his sales team is based in different timezones and geographic locations. He would like to receive all notifications at 10 am so he can review them all at a specific time, and not miss any notifications that might come in when he is away from his e-mail.

There is no task scheduler built in to CRM, but it is possible. 

Possibie options:

1.  Stop the email router service and have a windows scheduled task that starts it at 9:58 every day. This would force all e-mails to go out at 10:00. This is a good option if router is only used for notification e-mails. You could also install a unique router instance for notification purposes and just associate it with the user account which sends notifications.

2.  Have a custom “notification” entity that is parented by the entity for which notifications are being sent. Have a scheduled integration job that runs at the appropriate time and queries CRM looking for records for which a notification is to be sent, then creates a child “notification” record. Have your notification workflow be triggered by the creation of the notification record. Requires an integration tool, such as Scribe or SSIS.

3.  Use a third party mail provider, such as Core Motives. Core Motives includes the ability to send e-mails via workflow, and also schedule them.

4. Don't use e-mail notifications. E-mail notifications are great if you need urgent notification for immediate action. However,the problem with e-mail notifications is that they can fill your already over-filled inbox, and the more users receive them the more they ignore them.  if you are wanting to delay notifications so you can review them at a specific time, there are better options.

Activity Feeds are the notification center of CRM–like the notification center on your smartphone, Activity Feeds display notifications on system events, and you can configure your own auto posts triggered on the same criteria as you would use for an e-mail notification. These posts add additional value as they are linked to all of the people and records mentioned in the notification, providing a history of notifications in CRM. You can then review all of your notifications at 10 am (or any other time of the day) in CRM on your computer or on your smartphone.

See Creating auto feed posts in Dynamics CRM with workflow